Alphaville by Michael Codella and Bruce Bennett

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1988, Alphabet City: the most heroin-infested and crime-ridden part of Manhattan's Lower East Side. A place so bad even the police don't want to go there - apart from two cops determined to make a difference. Self-confessed adrenalin junkie Mike Codella (son of a cop and grandson of a wiseguy) and his partner Gio set their sights on a local kingpin, druglord and brutal murderer known as Davey Blue Eyes. There was just one problem: no one knew what he looked like. Alphaville is the story of how they hunted him down, one arrest at a time. It portrays the bloody chaos of the Lower East Side in a fierce, blistering narrative that combines the forensic detail of The Wire with the furious energy of Goodfellas. It's a bona fide crime classic.