Bully-Proof by Gail Dore

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Every day in South Africa, thousands of children go to school filled with terror because they know that they're going to be bullied.

Bullying-related deaths and trauma among our youth are rising at an alarming rate. Children who are regularly targeted by a bully are at enormous risk, and many parents don't know why it's happening to their child, or what to do about it.

In Bully-proof, family counsellor and life-skills trainer Gail Dore exposes the insidious nature of bullying and the long-term harm it causes, as well as what can be done to put a stop to it. She explains how to identify the different types of bully and recognise the different forms bullying takes; what makes some children more vulnerable to bullying than others; and what parents and teachers can do in practical terms to help them.

She examines ways to teach your child how to fend off bully, what to do if your child is accused of bullying, and how to help the child who is traumatised by witnessing an incident of bullying. She also provides a comprehensive strategy for schools to implement anti-bullying programmes that will help them educate teachers about the topic, formulate appropriate consequences for bullying, and foster an environment of increased compassion, goodwill and respect for others.

Bully-proof will not only provide insight and practical solutions to the problem of bullying - it will change lives