Cold as Marble by Zoe Aarsen

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Upon McKenna's return to Willow, she is sure of three things:

1. She failed. After everything - losing Olivia and Candace to Violet's fatal game of Light as a Feather, giving up so much to end Violet's power - Violet is still predicting deaths.

2. She is being haunted. At least, spirits are contacting her through her mind, and seemingly with good intentions. But can they be trusted?

3. More people will die. Including Mischa, unless McKenna can find a way to end the curse once and for all...

Yet there are still so many questions needing answers. Armed with a mysterious package containing clues, and help from Trey and Henry, McKenna's on a hunt to find the true key to stopping Violet, as well as the meaning behind her own newfound powers. But with secrets and buried truths coming to light, only one thing is clear: Loyalties will be tested in this race against time. And not everyone will make it out alive.