Doors - Field of Blood by Markus Heitz

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B Format.



When his beloved only daughter goes missing, millionaire entrepreneur Walter van Dam calls in a team of experts (including free-climbers, a geologist, a parapsychologist, even a medium) to find her, for Anna-Lena has disappeared somewhere within a mysterious cave system under the old house the family abandoned years ago. But the rescuers are not the only people on her trail, and there are dangers in the underground labyrinth that no one could ever have foreseen.

In a gigantic cavern the would-be rescuers come across a number of strange doors marked with enigmatic symbols. Anna-Lena must be behind one of them, but time is running out and they need to choose, quickly, for suddenly, they are all at risk.

Who could have imagined that the portal marked with ! would take the rescuers into a different time completely: it is now the early Middle Ages – and they are about to find themselves in the middle of a world-changing battle…