Entertaining Angels by Marita van der Vyver

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C Format. 


Following the trauma of miscarriage, the death of her baby and the collapse of her marriage, Griet contemplates suicide, but a strategically placed cockroach brings her attempt to an abrupt end. Holding on to her sense of humour and supported by her family, her friends and her therapist, Griet starts to rebuild her life. At her therapist's suggestion she starts writing about her experiences and begins to create from her own life more of the fairy tales she loves so much. As she processes her feelings through her writing, she is still battling uncertainty about her futurem but finds unexpected liberation in Adam, an unapologetically erotic and free-spirited surfer who literally arrives on her doorstep. And although her life is no fairy tale, Griet still holds out hope of finding her prince, or at least a happy ending.