Forgiving Paris by Karen Kingsbury

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Their anniversary tour ended in the first  arrondissement, and Landon had the driver drop them off at a place Ashley remembered all too well: the Pont des Arts. It was dusk now, just dark enough for the moment to feel surreal. Like something from a dream.

He walked with her to the start of the bridge, and she stopped them. She faced the Louvre and then Notre Dame. Then she turned to look at the distant Eiffel Tower. "I've been here. Hours after I landed here the first time."

"I wondered." Landon was patient, not rushing the moment.

"I thought..." She leaned against the metal railing and Landon took the spot beside her. "I thought Paris men were so romantic. Smiling at me, tipping their hats." She allowed a sad laugh. "I wanted to live here forever."

Ashley doubted this was on Landon's itinerary, but it had to be said. "Jean-Claude Pierre was not romantic. He was dark. I actually think he was dangerous, Landon."

There it was. The part of her past Ashley never talked about. The possibility that maybe she had actually been in more trouble than she knew.

Landon put his arm around her. "Tell me."

Ashley steadied herself. I have to do this, she told herself. He deserves to know. "It isn't like I...kept it from you, Landon." A cool breeze came off the Seine and she shivered. "I didn't think about it. I didn't want to think about it."

For a long minute, Ashley said nothing. Fear circled her and pressed tight against her throat.

"I'm here. Whenever you're ready."