Hostile Pursuit by Juno Rushdan / Colton's Deadly Disguise by Geri Krotow

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A Format.

2 Books in one.



Even a safe house isn't safe.

Only twenty-four hours remain until marshal Nick McKenna's informant, Lori Carpenter, will testify against a powerful drug cartel. Nick has kept her safe for an entire year, but now a team of cold-blooded assassins are closing in. He'll risk his life for duty...and put it all on the line for his irresistible witness.



When a beauty pageant turns ugly.

When Bella Colton enters a beauty pageant, she's on a mission to find out why her best friend died. Enter undercover FBI agent Holden St. Clair. Holden's hot on the heels of a serial killer, who has Bella in his sights. As the chemistry between Bella and Holden sparks, can they capture the murderer in their midst?