Last Exit by Max Gladstone

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B Format.


Young and bright, fresh out of college, visionary student Zelda Qiang has discovered a way to soak up magic from intentionally directionless travel. Able to shift from one reality to another, Zelda's response was to gather her closest friends and embark on a road trip through strange new worlds. Stray too far from our America, though, and things get weird. And dangerous. And terrifying.

Six of them set out. Only five returned. Zelda's lover, Sal, betrayed them: she walked into the jags - sharp cutting shadows like cracks in space - and didn't return.

Now, ten years later, Zelda still walks the road alone, keeping the jags from breaking through, trying to stop the rot spreading into our world. But the cracks won't stop. Sal is coming back after a decade in the dark unknown and bringing the end of the world with her. Zelda must reunite her old friends to stand once more against the looming night.