Living In Perhaps by Julia Widdows

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Cora Eileen. Such an ugly name. I can't believe it's mine...She sounds like the type who'd be guilty. Who dunnit.

As she tells us her story from a psychiatric unit - the story she's wickedly withholding from her therapist - eighteen-year-old Cora reveals the repercussions of a conventional childhood gone terribly wrong...

It's 1964 and Cora doesn't yet know that's her real name. She's just plain Carol, a lonely, daydreaming child ignored by prim parents who spend their days obsessing about appearances and the neighbours' unruly garden hedge.

But when the girl next door invites Carol into her exuberant home, empty of rules and filled with all manner of temptation, she begins a secret double life on the far side of the much-hated shrubbery.

And here Carol tells a lie that will haunt her forever...