Monstrous Heart by Claire McKenna

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Royal Format.


Arden Beacon arrives in the salt-swept port of Vigil with a job to do. Tasked with using the magic in her blood to keep the lighthouse burning, she needs to prove herself worthy of her family name and her ancestors' profession.

But the coastline Arden must keep alight - battered by a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts - is far from the cultured, urban world she knows. It is a place of secrets, rumours and tight-lipped expectations of a woman's place.

More than anyone, the townsfolk whisper about Arden's neighbour, Jonah Riven, the hunter of leviathans. They say he murdered his wife. They say he is as much a monster as his prey. But amidst her homesickness and determination Arden cannot get this shadowy stranger out of her head.

A plot swirls around the lighthouse keeper, the hunter and the authorities. Arden must make sense of dark waters before they wash her away.

A sensational fantasy debut - a gothic tale of intrigue on high seas and a love story for the ages.