Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

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Things are looking up at last for Lizzie Nichols. She has a career she enjoys, and the love of her life, Jean-Luc, has finally proposed. Life's become a dizzying whirl of wedding-gown fittings, as Lizzie prepares for her dream day at her fiancé's chateau in the south of France.

But the dream soon becomes a nightmare as the best man, with whom Lizzie might once accidentally have slept - no, really, just slept - announces his total lack of support for the couple, a sentiment the maid of honour happens to second; Lizzie's Midwestern family can't understand why she doesn't want to have her wedding in the family backyard; and her future French in-laws seem to be trying to lure the groom away from medical school and back into investment banking.

Is Lizzie really ready to embrace her new role as wife and mistress of Chateau Mirac? Or is she destined to spend the rest of her life as a New York City spinster, in a two-room walk-up with no one for company but the cat from the deli down the street?

Looks like the decision just might get made for her. One thing's for sure: this is a wedding no one is likely to forget.