Reprieve by James Han Mattson

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Royal Format. 


On 27 April 1997, four contestants make it to the final cell of the Quigley House, a full-contact haunted escape room made famous for its monstrosities. If the group can endure its horrors without shouting the safe word, "reprieve, they'' walk away with $60,000, joining the only other group in the house's long history to have won. But before they can complete the challenge, a man breaks into the cell and kills one of the contestants.

Those who were present on that fateful night, lend their points of view; Kendra Brown, a teenager uprooted from her childhood home after the loss of her father; Leonard Grandton, a hotel manager caught in a series of toxic entanglements; and Jaidee Charoensuk, an international student who came to the US in search of his former English teacher. As each characters journey unfolds, deceits and misunderstandings fuelled by obsession and prejudice are revealed - forcing all to recon with the ways in which their believe and actions contributed to a horrifying catastrophe.