Separation for Beginners by Joe Portman

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Pete's swearing is getting worse. What with the divorce, the debt, and the dying travel business, no one seems to need him anymore. Well, except for his 23-year-old daughter, who - jobless and unable to afford London rents - is moving back home.

Pete's delighted - even if it means putting up with Susie's bothersome boyfriend, Niall. But when she lands a job in Stockholm and flies the nest for good, Pete finds himself stuck with a flatmate he never signed up for and out of excuses to hold onto the past.

One day he'll get around to fixing the lock on the bathroom door, figuring out what to do with his failing business, evicting his daughter's boyfriend from his house, and maybe even getting over his ex-wife...

But it turns out there are some things you can't put off until later - and some people who won't let you.