Talk Santa to Me by Linda Urban

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Frankincense (call her Francie) Wood was born in a stable. An indoor-outdoor stable from her family's Holiday Shop and Santa School, which is also where she's spent most of her Christmas-loving life.

Francie knows which adhesive works best on a yak-hair Santa beard, where to get size XXXL extra-wide patent leather belts, and how to say "Merry Christmas" in sixteen different languages. What she doesn't know is how to recover from the world's worst first kiss, how to stay friends when her best pal goes to a different high school, or how to keep believing in Christmas miracles after the loss of the best Santa ever, her beloved Grampa Chris.

All Francie wants for Christmas is to earn a little money toward a used car and to keep Aunt Carole from ruining the family business. Oh, and for Hector Ramirez, who works at the tree lot next door, to stop being so cute and making her think about kissing boys again. Francie's going to need more than a little Santa magic to make this season bright...