The Daughter's Tale by Armando Lucas Correa

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New York, 2015. Eighty-year-old Elise Duval is visited by a stranger bearing a box of letters. A French Catholic who arrived in New York after the Second World War, Elise is shocked to discover that the letters are from her own mother. As they spark memories that she has spent a lifetime trying to forget, seven decades of secrets begin to unravel.

Berlin, 1939. The dreams that Amanda Sternberg and her husband, Julius, had for their daughters are shattered when the Nazis descend on Berlin, burning down their beloved bookshop and sending Julius to a concentration camp. Desperate to save her children, Amanda flees towards the south of France and is forced to make an impossible choice.

Based on true events, The Daughter's Tale chronicles one of the most harrowing atrocities of the Second World War. Heartbreaking and immersive, it is a beautifully crafted story of love, survival and hope against all odds.