The Deception of Harriet Fleet by Helen Scarlett

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1871. An age of discovery and progress. But for the Wainwright family, residents of gloomy Teesbank Hall in County Durham, the secrets of the past continue to overshadow their lives.

Harriet would not have taken the job of governess in such a remote place unless she wanted to hide from something, or someone. Her charge is Eleanor, the daughter of the house, a fiercely bright eighteen-year-old, tortured by demons and feared by relations and staff alike. It soon becomes apparent that Harriet is not there to teach Eleanor, but rather to monitor her erratic and dangerous behavior - to spy on her.

Worn down by Eleanor's unpredictable hostility, Harriet soon finds herself embroiled in Eleanor's obsession - the Wainwrights' dark and tragic history. As family secrets are unearthed, Harriet's own begin to haunt her and she becomes convinced that ghosts from the past are determined to reveal her shameful story.