The Given Day by Dennis Lehane

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Danny Coughlin is Boston Police Department royalty and the son of one of the city's most beloved and powerful police captain's. His beat is the predominantly Italian neigbourhoods of the North End where political decent is in the air-fresh and intoxicating. On the hunt for hard-line radicals as a favour to his father, Danny is drawn into the ideological fray and finds his loyalties compromised as the police department itself becomes swept up in potentially violent labour strife. 

Luther Laurence is on the run. A suspect in a night club shooting in Oklahoma, he flees to Boston, leaving his wife behind. He lands a job in the Coughlin house hold and meets Danny and the family's Irish maid Nora, who once had a powerful bond. As the mystery of their relationship unravels, Luther finds himself befriending them both even as the turmoil in his own life threatens to overwhelm him. Desperate to return to his wife and child, he must confront the past that has followed him and settle scores with enemies old and new.

As Danny, Luther and those around them face increasingly turbulent times they are forced to ride a rising storm of hardship, deprivation and hope that will change them forever.

Set at the end of the Great War in an era of unprecedented uncertainty, The Given Day is a spectacular family epic. Meticulously researched and expertly plotted, it will transport you to an unforgettable time and place.