The Image of Her by Sonia Velton

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Royal Format.


STELLA and CONNIE are strangers, brought together by two traumatic events - cruel twists of fate that happen thousands of miles apart.

Stella lives with her narcissistic mother. When she succumbs to dementia, the pressures on Stella's claustrophobic world culminate in tragedy. As Stella recovers from a near fatal accident, she feels compelled to share her trauma. In her head she confides in Connie because there's no human being to whom she feels closer.

Connie is an ex-pat living in Dubai with her family. One the face of it, she wants for nothing and yet...something about her life in this glittering world does not sit well with her, and she struggles to find meaning in a life of playdates and pedicures.

Two women set on an inevitable course towards each other. When their lives finally collide, it won't be in a way that anyone could have foreseen.