The Lady of Misrule by Suzannah Dunn

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Elizabeth Tilney surprised even herself by volunteering for the job of companion to Lady Jane Grey, imprisoned in the Tower of London after only nine days as queen. All Elizabeth knows is that she's keen to be away from home. And anyway, it won't be for long, everyone knows Jane Grey will go free as soon as the victorious new queen is crowned.

The two sixteen-year-olds, however, couldn't be less compatible. Protestant Jane is an icily self-composed idealist, and Catholic Elizabeth is...anything but. They are only united by their disdain for Jane's seventeen-year-old husband, Guildford Dudley, kept prisoner in a neighbouring tower.

But Elizabeth finds herself drawn into the difficult relationship between the young couple, and when events take an unexpected and dangerous direction, her new-found loyalties are put to the test.