The Magician's Apprentice by Trudi Canavan

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B Format.


In the remote village of Mandryn, Tessia serves as assistant to her father, the village Healer. Despite knowing that women aren't readily accepted by the Guild of Healers, Tessia is determined to follow in her father's footsteps. But her life is about to take an unexpected turn.

When treating a patient at the residence of the local magician, Lord Dakon, Tessia fights off the advances of a visiting Sachakan mage - and instinctively uses magic. She now finds herself facing an entirely different future as Lord Dakon's apprentice.

It is a position of great privilege, but Tessia is about to discover that her magical gifts also bring with them a heavy responsibility. For events are brewing that will lead nations into war and rival magicians into conflict - and spark an act of sorcery so brutal that its effects will be felt for centuries...