The Patron Saint of Second Chances by Christine Simon

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Royal Format.


The Patron Saint of Plumbing is not answering Nino Speranza's prayers. Without expensive repairs to the pipes, the water board will cut off Speranza's crumbling Italian village. All 212 inhabitants will be forced to leave.

In a desperate bid to find the money to save his hometown, he starts a rumour that Italian heart-throb Dante Rinaldi is coming to town to film his next movie.

Soon, the place is teeming with fans and everyone wants to be involved; Speranza's assistant has a screenplay and the butcher will invest - if Speranza can find roles for each of his fifteen enormous sons. Even the priest is on board.

It seems the only way to give their beloved town a second chance is to actually make a movie. What could possibly go wrong?

Funny, charming and utterly heartwarming, this is the feel-good novel of the year; a celebration of the underdog, of family and of what really matters in life.