The Prom by Saundra Mitchell

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B Format.

Emma knows better than anyone that Edgewater, Indiana, is not a great place to be gay. She really wants to take her girlfriend - the popular, closeted It Girl Alyssa - to prom. How big a deal could that really be?

But when their classmates find out, the backlash exceeds Emma's worst nightmares.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Barry and Deedee are Broadway stars of yesteryear. When their new show bombs, they need some good publicity - fast. So when they happen to hear about Emma's plight, they decide to step in and create a prom for everyone - whoever their date is.

Suddenly, Edgewater is the centre of a national news story. As the drama queens of New York take over the sleepy town, chaos ensues.

All Emma and Alyssa want is to dance together. Is that too much to ask?