Three Kings - Edited by Melinda M. Snodgrass and George R.R. Martin

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In the aftermath of World War II, the Earth’s population was devastated by an alien virus. Those who survived were changed forever. Some, known as jokers, were cursed with strange mutations; others, granted superhuman abilities, are called aces.

Queen Margaret came to the throne in Britain after the death of her sister but now lies on her death-bed. Summoning joker ace Alan Turing, she urges him to seek the true heir: Elizabeth’s lost son. He was rumoured to have died as a baby but, having been born a joker, was in fact sent into hiding.

Dangerous tensions both supernatural and super-powered begin to tear the UK apart when Margaret dies and her son Henry becomes King. Militant joker groups begin to show their hand and far away from the realms of men a goddess of war sees a chance to reap yet more blood…