Three Little Secrets by Liz Carlyle

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Wealthy landowner Merrick MacLachlan is the polar opposite of his polished, ever-so-charming brother.

While Sir Alasdair is fair and handsome, Merrick is dark and brooding, both in looks and in temperament. With his penetrating eyes and badly scarred face, Merrick has always made the town deeply uncomfortable.

Professionally, Merrick has attained a level of wealth and power that no one could have imagined when he was a brilliant but starving architect. Privately, he has no life - which is just how he likes it. But his rigid, tightly controlled existence is about to spin out of control. Because once upon a time Merrick did have a life - before he made a terrible mistake. Her name was Madeleine. And if ever he is tempted to forget her, he has but to look at the scars she left behind...