Transforming Trauma by Dr James Gordon

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Trauma is an inescapable part of life - whether is be caused by a relationship, a loss, or a triggering experience. Even if our symptoms do not reach the level of Post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma can challenge our ideas about who we are with devastating consequences for our health.

In Transforming Trauma, Harvard-trained Psychiatrist and world-recognised authority of mind-body medicine, Dr. James Gordon, presents the first evidence-based programme that will help to reverse the damage caused by trauma - offering inspirational stories, cutting-edge science and practical guidance.

Dr. Gordon equips readers with the timeless wisdom and self-care tools he has used to assist thousands of people across the globe, to repair broken brain connections, promote the healthy integration of thoughts and show readers that by embracing what has happened, or simply walking alongside it with more clarity, you can use what has hurt you to heal and start living a life more whole than ever before.