Treasure by Clive Cussler

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391 AD:

Fanatics destroy the greatest storehouse of knowledge and treasure in the ancient world - the great library and museum of Alexandria. But a few conspirators secretly remove the most precious items and ship them to a distant, desolate land, hiding them deep in the specially excavated stronghold...

1991 AD:

A UN plane, with the Secretary-General aboard, crashes in the icy waters of Greenland, brought down by a monstrously cunning terrorist conspiracy. Trouble-shooter supreme Dirk Pitt, in the area on an undercover search mission for a crippled Soviet submarine, suddenly finds himself caught up in an even more dangerous vortex of complex intrigue.

Dirk Pitt's quest for the Alexandrian treasure combines with his battle against the forces of murderous international terrorism in an outstanding story of razor's-edge suspense.