Your Holiness by Debbie Ford

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Your Holiness, Debbie Ford's last book, emerged in an extraordinary way. Several years after her passing, Debbie's sister Arielle Ford was given a message from her friend the medium James Van Praagh about a book that Debbie wanted to be published. Arielle was amazed to find that a manuscript already existed for this book, which Debbie had been writing during her long battle with cancer.

Published on the fifth anniversary of Debbie's passing, Your Holiness is written with Debbie's trademark brutal honestly and keen insight. It's a bold call to unearth our latent spirituality. Filled with motivational prayers and deeply personal stories about her own struggles and spiritual journey, this book is a profoundly accessible pathway to harnessing our spiritual essence (holiness).

Engaging and accessible, clear and unwavering, Your Holiness is a gift to the soul - a rare book that both guides and nourishes. At a time when so much in our world feels uncertain and suffering is so widespread and persistent, Your Holiness ground us in the here and now while delivering a timeless and empowering message of relentless love and strength.